Portfolio Category: Urban / Contemporary

Beach Road

A modern, contemporary build settled on a cliff top on the North Shore of Auckland. These stunning houses were developed using modern architecture, forming the dwellings into each other and the site yet, keeping them completely separate and very private. House 1 House 2


Beach houses should always celebrate all things sun, sea and sand. Open living spaces are essential to allow relaxation and entertainment, with open flowing glazing to bring the outdoors in.

Grace Hill

Minimalist concrete architecture takes simple design elements, in this case concrete timber and steel, which combines without ornamentation. Proponents of minimalism believe that considering the content and form of a design to its bare essentials reveals the true essence of Architecture.

The Cliff

Modern House design – This presents rectangular exteriors, flat or slanted roof designs, along with super straight lines and large northern climatic glazing panels which ensure the environment is enjoyed from within. These Modern homes passively harvest energy