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La Retreat

Country Homes draw aspiration from space and connection to nature. Large north facing glazing and open patios link modern design to the essence of life. This design resurgence now has fuzzy ties to the modern farm house. These types of homes evoke simpler times, inspire great memories, feel permanent and are structurally superior being of …

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Modern Balinese style – These villas were expertly designed to heighten you experience in paradise. Architecturally influenced by Hindu culture and combined traditional aesthetic principles, natural materials, famous artistry and craftsmanship.

The Screen

Contemporary house construction should present modern architecture, blending traditional exterior with craftsman touches and an open floor plan.


Traditional houses or English country homes are a large mansion like houses within the UK countryside and were often owned by an individual or family that co-owned a city townhouse. This allowed them to spend time in the country or the city when required, hence the term distinguished between town and Country’.


House designs should always take inspiration from their surroundings, featuring strong connectivity to the functionality of modern day living, accessing the outdoors and incorporating central interacting work spaces.


Modern Country – Leaving the city doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to urban sophistication. No need to relinquish your desire to find space. These homes can be masterfully streamlined to create your urban country oasis.

Black Barn

Black Barn – Simple yet formal whole architecture. This style shapes and forms traditional show pieces and is adaptable to multiple environments.


Tuscan homes – Where Italian traditional villas meet modern day old world ornament. The style exemplifies the setting of rolling hills, vines and lavender. Sun-baked terracotta half barrels on top of stone concrete wall construction. The style itself involves elegance, detail and drama