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Country Manor

Modern Farmhouse – Traditional aesthetic featuring natural hues, wood accents of the past and traditional masonry. Farmhouse doesn’t have to be a “blast from the past” as it is defined by style, modern kitchen’s and uniquely takes on comfort and simplicity which creates an aura that can make anyone feel at home.

The Prom

Timeless design is classic. It doesn’t pull from trends, it’s neither ornate nor fussy but is opulent. Timeless is quietly underestimated, sophisticated and balanced. Its style belongs to its environment and encapsulates the space it’s in. It’s highly functional yet far from bland or boring. Timeless is drawn from yesterday, today and tomorrow, it is …

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Lifestyle house design brings us home to our roots. We feel comfortable, safe and secure. Coupled with modern touches, permanent construction and timeless design. These homes evoke simpler times.

Mt Eden

French Inspired Home – Ever since the 17th century when France led the way in all things fashionable, their country homes were designed with a certain elegance, yet relaxed French country style. This style is sophisticated and hard to beat.