masonry_villa_systemcool_in_summerWhen the summer sun is high in the sky, overhanging eaves screen the home’s interior. Open windows allow air movement, maintaining a pleasant indoor temperature. The insulated Hot Bloc construction stops the exterior north-facing walls transferring the sun’s heat inside, while at night, the walls help maintain a constant, comfortable temperature.

During winter, when the sun is low in the sky, its rays strike the internal walls and floors at a low angle heating up the interior of the house. As night falls, and the outside air temperature drops, the insulated mass of the walls provides a buffer between the cold night air and the inside of the house.

Choosing a masonry home

The unique qualities of masonry construction offer homeowners an array of distinct benefits over other materials or building systems.

Versatility of Design

From compact contemporary townhouses to expansive country homesteads, you can achieve any size or style of masonry villa.

The Look

High-build coating systems come in heavy or light textures. Choose the softened lines of an undulating plaster finish or the precise, defined lines of a ‘true’ plaster finish.

Thick Walls

200mm-thick exterior Firth Hotbloc walls allow doors and windows with deep reveals for a genuine, solid look.

Thermal and Acoustic Performance

Concrete’s dense mass provides passive solar capabilities for a more comfortable home – cool in summer, warm in winter with reduced energy costs. Energy-efficient underfloor heating can be incorporated in concrete floors. Superior sound insulation stops noise travelling from undesirable sources.


Solid masonry offers better durability, long life and low maintenance than most other building materials. From a safety perspective, concrete is also completely fire resistant and will inhibit and control the spread of fire.

Safe and Healthy

Because it’s easy to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature, you’ll enjoy a healthier home environment – a bonus for asthma sufferers. And, with no cavities to hide in, pests or insects cannot attack masonry homes.What’s more, using masonry external cladding also eliminates any risk of rotting.